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Leave • Bryan Michael • ursidae • Shadowfax

  • The Matador Vancouver Canada (map)

Doors at 7:00, Music at 8:00.
The Matador

The collaborative debut of two longstanding Vancouver musicians, Leave is Emma Citrine and David Cowling (The April Fools Childrenhood). Between them, they’ve released five solo albums since 2010 and have performed locally dozens of times at music halls, historic theatres, and intimate cafés. Together they showcase two powerful and emotional voices, infectious melody lines, and a series of melancholy stories.

Bryan Michael:
Whether playing an intimate living room set or an energetic full-band show, Bryan Michael delivers a performance of scorching energy and uninhibited emotion. Bryan chronicles his own experiences through melancholic songs about winning some, losing more and getting punched in the face. A bittersweet combination of radically vulnerable lyrics and soaring vocals impel you to feel every single thing that he feels.

If folk music is “all the music that fits between the cracks”, then ursidae springs forth from the lush, dark soil that lives between rocks and sidewalk squares. Tapped into tradition, and stirred by the indie folk stylings of Daughter, Bon Iver, and Sharon Van Etten, ursidae gives voice to her own stories in her newest release, an EP steeped in dusky blues and the salty waters of lonely love. Tender and whimsical, honest and fierce, ursidae takes listeners on a journey through dreamscapes and back alleys—all the while reminding us that there’s beauty in sadness, that we should savour the emotions that make us oh-so- hopelessly human.

Lord of all horses. Tireless steed of Gandalf the Grey (nee Olórin). Ridiculous beach bod. These are all words that describe the horse Shadowfax, but don’t at all describe the members of the band Shadowfax. But at least they can hold instruments. You ever try doing that with hooves? Not easy. Take that, neighsayers!
Sad folk, dancey folk, artsy folk, and hip hop are their game. Join the herd.