Photo by  Raunie Mae Baker

2. allow to remain.
the parts he disliked he would alter, and the parts he didn't dislike he'd leave

Leave is the indie-rock music project of Emma Citrine, David Knights Cowling, Nicole Gilley, and Bryan Michael. Mavens of melancholy reverberations, and lovers of lyrical expression, Leave is an exploration of powerful voices, infectious melodies, and endlessly compelling stories.

Leave has been an evolving project ever since the band was formed in 2015 as an experimental folk music project between singer-songwriters Emma Citrine and David Knights Cowling (The April Fools Childrenhood). Their first collaborative release, Allow To Remain, brought the duo to many of Vancouver’s most vibrant musical halls including The Cobalt, The Biltmore, The Railway Club, and The York Theatre among others.

In 2016, the duo began work on a new EP that would marry drums to their richly textured and harmony focused recordings. With the help of percussionist Jeremiah Ackermann (Douse), Leave recorded a two-song EP, Jeremiah | Carolina. Set for release in May of 2019, the album emphatically announces the now 4-piece’s arrival as a band to watch in Vancouver.

Impressionistic lyrics that dive deep into reflections on love and loss; petaled timbres that reveal further complexity with every listen; voices that still with every breath. Leave is here to stay.

If you want to get a hold of us, send us an email at leavebandleave gmail com.